Naturheilpraxis Birgit Marita Jost Flensburg

"Heilungswege für Körper und Gefühle im sicheren Raum des Herzens"

ENGLISH: CranioSacral Therapy & SomatoEmotional Release

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"An Energy-Medicine"
Already in 1999, in which I came in contact with the CranioSacral Therapy (by a book and by lecture) I was totally fascinated. When I was in 2000 on the first training block to this therapy, I knew: this is my way. Which fascinates me in such a way, is the contact with the "inner wisdom", "internal physician" of the client. This takes place with the help of the CranioSacral rhythm ', through contact, over fine, quiet unintentional perception (no agenda), so that I can take each humans, where he/they is. A well-known CranioSacral-therapist (Hugh Milne) calls it "to listen from the center of the heart ".

Practical shows like this: After short preliminary talks the client puts attraction with the back to the treatment couch. With my hands I - mostly beginning at the feet - take up contact to the CranioSacral rhythm and notice unintentionally. I feel the strength of the rhythm ', its frequency and feel, what would like itself to show up. The contacts in this therapy are mostly very gentle. The following possibilities open then. I feel over the body, whereby structures begin, "untangle myself", ease; notice blockings or river, sometimes also internal "pictures" or feelings. The client is with his attention with my hands and/or with its body region, the contact experiences. And it notices likewise: "here I lie inclined, here am a pain, a relaxation...". Sometimes also memories can ascend "from the cells". E.G. a client, when I worked within the neck range, had a memory of an tonsils operation, which experienced her as a child and had not worked with the anaesthesia correctly. Not pain, however the memory of the feelings, like fears or lack of understanding, arises comes up again. Sometimes tears also releasing flow. This client told me afterwards that she experienced even a blood taste in the mouth. We call such a thing in the CranioSacralTherapie "energy-cyst". Manual interferences and memories can be impressed into the cells and represented an energetic blocking, which presents itself then as spanning, pain or the like. Also it possible, which the body or parts of the body begins to move, is to be found in order by certain position a relaxation. I support this by my work. That isn't the rule and must arise. With this form finds feels main, untangles, eases, notices in silence instead of, whereby most clients describe afterwards a deep relaxation, a larger mobility and if necessary decrease of the pain and/or change of the symptoms. Sometimes I am led also to body places (by muscle courses, CranioSacral rhythm, kinesiology test or perceptive feeling), at which a memory or a feeling sits. If I feel that this point goes into "resistance" and/or a signal goes out from the CranioSacral rhythm or it intuitively feel, I go into the verbal dialogue with the client. I accompany the patient to uncover what could be stored here, place questions e.g.: "as the range feels means between/under hands on, what you notice there, which color has this," etc., and - often also amazingly for the client - various perceptions take place. Sometimes also memories ascend from the past, often from the childhood, or particularly drastic past experiences. After my experience there is often still another lack of understanding or something, where still no assigning for itself or others - took place. Sometimes it concerns also problematic experiences, whose the client is conscious and also believes, to have assigned itself. Often the memories still sit in the cells. I accompany the client then intuitive with different "tools" or rituals by the process, so that he/they can find the solution and release/dissolve/transform this memory. Sometimes I ask the client if a helpful instance would like to be with the dissolution and/or transformation thereby. That can be "internal physician/inner healer", angel, force animal, the deceased loved person, etc.. This sounds for some people wondrously, however my experience shows that from these aids deep wisdom speaks and the client supported, who "settles" memory. The memory remains existing always, however emotional adhering may partly or completely dissolve and/or transform. Each treatment is again and again new and excitingly. There are different reasons, in order to select the CranioSacral therapy. Some come because of problems of the movement apparatus, migraine, TMJ-problems, hardening, exhaustion conditions "burn-out", learning problems; in addition, with psycho-somatic problems, for physically nothing can be proven. And likewise, in order to clarify emotional problems to recognize and transform always recurring behavior and faith samples. Often it leads also to the fact that humans achieve again a concious perception and understanding of the body-own signals. Some select this method also for the company of their mirror-image-ritual way. For me it is a marvelous gift that I may accompany humans with this method on their healing way.


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